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This plane is in remarkable condition for its age. The rosewood rear tote and beaded front knob are immaculate including the tote tip with the original factory chamfer on top back (see photo). Both the iron and cap iron have the L BAILEY PATENT DEC 24 1867 stamp on them. I have seen No 1's with the later 'beehive' Stanley logo that claim to be type ones but this plane is earlier. 

Original japanning is about 75% intact. The knurling on the rear adjustment nut is flawless. The Bailey stamp on the cap iron is strong and clear but on the main iron it is faint and partly obscured by some oxidization as can be seen in the photos. There was some scale on the top portion of the iron which I carefully removed. The plane mouth is very crisp and very square, the nicest I have ever seen on a number 1, and the working edge of the iron is very clean and sharp as well. It has the 'I' or 'H' shaped frog receiver. Original machining marks are noticeably present on the frog and the round tips of the forked lever are roughly cast but not damaged (I have observed this on other early type Stanley 1's). The plane was a 'toolbox' find in the 'wild' and has been thoroughly, restoratively cleaned by me.  The sides and sole I gently lapped and there are still a few pinpricks and spots of oxidization visible as I only wanted to give it a light cleaning. The only 'flaw' I can find is a tiny flea bite out of one corner on the bottom edge of the lever cap. It may well have left the factory like that. 

This is an outstanding plane and the first no 1 Stanley I have seen that is a type 1 Stanley ca 1867-1872. There is not yet a definitive study to determine with 100% certainty a true type one number one but I believe this to be such. If not, it is absolutely from the earliest few years of production and thus a type 1 or 2. Top shelf.