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There is much online about one of America's pioneer and foremost knife makers, Bill Scagel, so I won't go into his remarkable story. Suffice to say his knives are revered amongst collectors and are highly sought after. He also had a profound influence on the careers of both Bo Randall and R.W. Loveless.

This knife is in exceptional condition exactly as I purchased it. It came out of a small collection of Scagel's that was dispersed quite a number of years ago and included several that at the time made their way into the former collection of principle Scagel collector and historian Dr. Jim Lucie.

The knife measures exactly 8 5/16" in total length and has a forked staghorn top. The blade length to the long point of the guard is about 4". The original sheath is heavy, decorated leather with a star on the brass corner rivet, and it is custom fitted to step down on both sides to match the knife guard. The blade is in excellent condition with absolutely no pitting or damage and the kris is clear. There are no visible detractions on this knife only noting that the leather sheath and to a lesser extent the leather washer on the handle have somwhat of a musty smell (easily remedied with a proper cleaning and treatment). I have not in any way attempted to clean or touch up the knife or the sheath. It is 100% as found.

Please contact me directly if you need any more detailed photos. Ted